Damn Vulnerable iOS Application (DVIA)

A vulnerable app to test your iOS Penetration Testing Skills

Getting started with DVIA Swift

Posted 4 years ago by prateekg147

Installing DVIA on any iOS device

The best way to install DVIA is using Cydia Impactor


a) Create an Apple ID https://appleid.apple.com/account
b) Download Impactor, make sure the device you want to install the app on is connected to your computer. Now drag and drop the IPA file to Impactor.
c) Enter your Apple ID credentials. App will install on the device
d) Go to your device, Settings -> General -> Device Management. Select the Apple ID you used to install the app. Click on Verify App under DVIAv2.

Compiling DVIA using Xcode


a) Clone the DVIA repo , git clone https://github.com/prateek147/DVIA-v2
b) cd to the project root directory where the Podfile is present (/DVIA-v2/DVIA-v2). Then run pod install
c) Open the DVIA-v2.xcworkspace file with Xcode. You can now directly run the app on a simulator.
d) For running on the device, go under Project settings in Xcode on the top left, head over to the General tab and under Signing, enter credentials for your Apple ID.
e) Now you can build and run the project on the device. You will have to trust the app again by going under Settings -> General -> Device Management.

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