Damn Vulnerable iOS Application (DVIA)

A vulnerable app to test your iOS Penetration Testing Skills

Version History

Posted 9 years ago by prateekg147

v1.3 – Launched on 3rd December, 2014

Added a new section with challenges in…

  • Sensitive information in memory

Also added new challenges in …

  • Transport Layer security
  • Insecure data storage

v1.2 – Launched on 11th March, 2014

Added a new section with challenges in…

  • Piracy Detection

Also added new challenges in …

  • Runtime Manipulation
  • Application patching

Other changes include

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Some UI changes

v1.1 – Launched on 17th February, 2014

Added new Vulnerabilities and Challenges in …

  • Security Decisions via Untrusted input
  • Side Channel Data Leakage

Some bug fixes include…

  • Optimizations for iPad
  • Grammatical errors

Also, this app comes with a new app icon and launch image 🙂

v1.0 – Launched on 3rd February, 2014

Vulnerabilities and Challenges Include …

  • Insecure Data Storage
  • Jailbreak Detection
  • Runtime Manipulation
  • Transport Layer Security
  • Client Side Injection
  • Information Disclosure
  • Broken Cryptography
  • Application Patching

The app also contains a section on iOS Application Security Tutorials for those who want to learn iOS Application Pen-testing. Every challenge/vulnerability has a link for a tutorial that users can read to learn more on that topic.


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